Pixel182 is the digital playground of AizuddinSabtu, a Petaling Jaya based front-end developer.

I’ve been juggling both design and front-end development since 2009 and have also picked up good knowledge of Responsive Web Sites to easily fits your mobile / gadgets, custom WordPress theming with PHP, and have a keen eye for usability / UX.

I love to create intuitive designs and can quickly flip the design comp into a working UI using the latest techniques with HTML / CSS / jQuery with standards. Having a good understanding of how design techniques are implemented on the web allows me to make quick and wise decisions and also allows me to think further into my designs. I am not only concerned with aesthetics but also have high respect for functionality, performance, and user flow from beginning to the end.

Overall I love all things digital!

Cooking something good? Though I've been terribly busy lately, I can assure you, I'm always hungry!
hello @ pixel182 dot com